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To be a Christian is to be Christ-like...

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Our Story


When I think back, I must say how grateful I am to our Lord Jesus for how He miraculously changed my life for the better. With absolute priority, Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, sought His lost sheep, ME.

I'm sure the angels of our Creator worked overtime in my case. A seemingly insurmountable net fenced me in that caused a gulf of separation between God, the Father and me in my naive faith: sins, culture, traditions, and false pride. With so much love, Jesus Christ broke through the net that surrounded me, cautiously and turn by turn, even when I did not recognize the Light at first. From my parents, especially my Protestant mother, I learned to pray to God. But was this really a prayer to God? Especially when my belief was mixed with the erroneous (deadly) teachings of my father’s Catholic faith? My parents encouraged me to pray to the angels or to St. Anthony to intercede for me. I had felt these saints were indeed closer to me than our God the Father. To me, He was so impersonal and aloof. In addition to this naive faith, I also started to question: how and why? And several of my teachers, supervisors, and even scientific colleagues stated: “I cannot understand how you think!” Yet, it always turns out that my way of thinking is right. While my perplexed colleagues wish to understand my thought process, I have to confess that this is quite normal for me - there is nothing extraordinary about it. This was God leading me. My naive belief initially carried me away from God with the study of philosophy and advanced studies in molecular biology at the University when everything seemed logical in the light of Darwinism. But God the Father through His Son had mercy on me and gently gathered me back through the clear teachings of the Word that made more sense in the light of the evidences. I also thank my brothers and sisters of the Seventh-day Adventist faith.


Growing up in a Christian home and going to Christian schools were instrumental in shaping my Christian beliefs. As I grew older, I began to ask myself why I believed what I did. Was it because my parents were Christians and raised me as one? Or was it because I was a third generation Seventh-day Adventist and knew nothing else? Was it because of the Christian influence that shaped my entire scholastic life? Thanks to my doubts and the urge for self-determination, it was clear - I did not want to be called a Christian or even a Seventh-day Adventist unless I truly understood what it was to be a Christian and why I believed what I did. That's when my search truly started...

Enrico and I found our answers in God's Word, the Holy Bible. The truth about Man’s roots, the beginning of the Universe and even the future are all presented with impressive clarity in the Bible. We need only to diligently search these scriptures. “Taste and see that the Lord is good…” (Psalm 34:8). The more we search, the more truth is being revealed to us – this is only possible through the Holy Spirit who “…will guide you into all truth…” (John 16:13). We recognize the source of our life, the truth and the way is Jesus Christ. The Bible undoubtedly reveals God the Father, the Creator of everything and everybody and; Jesus Christ, the mediator between God the Father and Man, who perfects our faith, remains the source of our strength, our personal Savior and Redeemer. This website is but a feeble attempt to share the wondrous blessings and incredible joy that is given to us by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. No doubt we are unworthy but we just cannot stop ourselves from witnessing and testifying of our LORD, Jesus Christ and through Him our God the Father. Through prayer and the power of God, that is the Holy Spirit, we present a different way to understand the Word of God through its contents and comparing with secular historical sources. 

You, dear friend, are not here by accident. God in His infinite wisdom and providence has brought you to our site. We hope you will benefit from the truths we have found and pray that God will continue to lead you until hopefully we all will meet in the New Jerusalem.

We wish you God’s Blessings,

Enrico & Elena


Elena's Poems